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Our group

Our group is devoted to study the interactions between Xanthomonas and their plant hosts.
For this we developed tools to analyze the diversity and perform population genetics analyses, databases for effectors playing a role in the interaction and several tools to predict function as well as phylogenetically and functionally compare TAL effectors.



Identifies VNTR (Variable Number of Tandem Repeats) from genomes for diversity and population genetics analyses


Derives sequences of potential Effector Binding Elements (EBE) from proteic sequences of TAL

TALvez Storyteller

Identifies potential targets of a specific TAL effector in the genome (or promoterome) of its host plant


Compares and classify TAL effectors according to their sequences with or without their RVDs (.phylogenetic. classification) or according to their potential EBE (.functional. classification)


Curated relational database that integrates TALE-related data including: A bacterial TALE sequences; plant promoter sequences; predicted TALE binding sites; transcriptomic data of host plants in response to TALE-harboring bacteria
Xanthomonas resources

News and information about Xanthomonas genomes and type 3 effectors