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Select between mreps and TRF.
Input sequence
Upload file 1:
Upload file 2:
Upload file 3:
Select genome(s) and/or upload multifasta file(s) to scan.
Build groups
Groups the VNTR based on the flanking regions.
Warning: depending on the number of sequences, this analysis can take up to three hours.
Region length
The minimum and maximum size of the repetitive region
Unit length
The range for the period of the repeats
Copy number
The minimum and maximum number of copies per repeat
Similarity percentage
The range of similarity percentage between repeat units.
Score (TRF only)
The range of scores to include. Zero (0) for no restrictions.
Error tolerance (mreps only)
The tolerance to errors per repeat. We strongly recomend to leave the default value.
Alignment parameters (TRF only)
Descendingly stringent: 2-7-7, 2-5-7, 2-5-5, 2-3-5.

Probability of Match (PM) and Indels (PI).
Input sequence(s)

Proteic sequence(s) of the TAL effector in (multi) fasta format.
See also: Storyteller | TALE targets finder.

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