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TALVEZ - TALE targets finder

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Author: Alvaro L Perez-Quintero.

Update: The new available version of Talvez allows prediction of binding sites
in the reverse complementary strand of the input sequences



Load example
TAL file:   
tab separated >Talid RVDs(XX-XX-XX)

Or preloaded complete genome   /   Or upload your file

Promoters in FASTA format, sequences in one line

Advanced parameters

Number of targets to output for each TAL, ranked according to score
Minimum score allowed to report binding sites
Length RVDs before position correction, initial repetition to apply a scaled-down matrix to account for mismatches in the N terminal region
Pseudocount number (binding probability for any base regardless of the RVD) incorporated to Positional weight matrix
RVD-DNA specificities before position correction:
format (tab -separated) RVD A C G T
RVD-DNA specificities after position correction:   
format (tab -separated) RVD A C G T

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