daTALbase - Database for TAL Effectors analysis

daTALbase is a curated relational database that integrates TALE-related data including:
  • bacterial TALE sequences
  • plant promoter sequences
  • predicted TALE binding sites
  • transcriptomic data of host plants in response to TALE-harboring bacteria
  • and other associated data: SNPs, orthologs...
The database can be explored to uncover candidate new susceptibility genes, as well as to study variation in TALE repertories and their corresponding targets.

Rice Cassava Citrus
Citrus (coming soon)

Cabbage Beans Barley
Barley (coming soon)

Please cite:
"Perez-Quintero Alvaro L, Lamy Leo, Doyle Erin, Bogdanove Adam, Cunnac Sebastien, Szurek Boris and Dereeper Alexis. daTALbase: a database for genomic and transcriptomic data related to TAL effectors. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions Journal, 2017"

Contacts: Alvaro Perez, Alexis Dereeper (IRD), Boris Szurek (IRD)

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